CAD Design

We make full use of modern CAD software with almost 20 years experience of 3D CAD/CAM in the tooling industry.

We routinely model complex parts and CAD-Design-300x225complete mould packs in either solid or surface formats.  Solid models can be more difficult to generate but are ideal for further processing, for example as 3D printed parts, or for flow or stress simulations.

Creating or manipulating a 3D CAD model is done with an experienced eye for "design for manufacture", which includes making allowance for such things as machining stock, draft tapers and wall thicknesses.

2D to 3D and Reverse Engineering

Often these days we take existing 2D drawings and covert them to 3D CAD before generating tooling.  We are well used to working with complex drawings for all kinds of components, including;

  • Automotive components such as Cylinder Heads & Engine Blocks
  • Pumps, turbines and impellers of all kinds of complexities and sizes

Alternatively, we can reverse engineer existing components using a range of scanning and measuring techniques.

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