CMM Inspection

As we strive for continual re-investment we're happy to announce a new string to our bow.  Our CMM machine is linked directly to our CAD system and uses the latest Autodesk PowerINSPECT software.

Having CMM inspection on-site gives us great flexibility, control and security.  We can now;

CMM Inspection

Casting appears with kind permission from the guys at GigglePin4x4.

  • Perform 'in-process' inspection on anything we are currently making
  • Provide inspection reports on customer components; especially first-off castings as part of the foundry quality system
  • Reverse engineer existing patterns and components
  • Precisely measure castings and components back to the original 2d drawing, without the need for CAD models




Our skilled and knowledgeable staff have a great deal of experience in precise measurement using a variety of tools methods.

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