5 Axis machining

We don't update the website very often, but this is an update worth shouting about..

We've recently taken on a 4th industrial unit and invested in a brand new 5-axis machining centre to offer our foundry customers the chance to have their castings machined by the people that know them best.

If we've made CNC pattern equipment for a casting then nobody understands the machining requirements better than we do...

  • we know the 3d geometry inside out
  • we understand where all the joint lines and tapers are
  • we can avoid fettled areas, feed and in-gates when designing our machining fixtures
  • we know the lead-times and project schedules.. so we know that as soon as we deliver pattern equipment we'd better be underway with machining fixtures

Our Hurco 5-Axis machine has live probing so we can work in sympathy with cast form without relying on every casting being exactly the same.

Why 5-axis?

5-Axis gives us the scope to get all round a part with minimal set-ups (with a smart, creative approach to fixture design, we aim for one set-up but sometimes we have to resort to two).  This reduces the fixturing requirements and cycle times while ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of the machining process.  5-Axis isn't all about machining complex shapes - but don't worry, we do those too!


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