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Acoustic Insulation Press Tools

We have extensive product and process knowledge when it comes to pressing Acoustic & Thermo-acoustic Insulation products for the automotive and industrial markets. As well as the press tool itself, we can design and manufacture all of the pieces of your process including trimming and inspection fixtures. Want to know more?  Contact us.
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Pump Casing From 2D Drawings

Large conventional patterns, aided by┬ámodern manufacturing methods Our conventional pattern makers are used to working small intricate parts, or like this, large castings over a tonne in weight. Parts like this are often manufactured from 2D customer drawings but we will often convert them into 3D CAD and reproduce the complex volute shapes on the…
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Cylinder Head Casting from 2D Drawings

These are a common occurrence for new pattern equipment to supply spares castings to the market. Where possible, drawings are compared against an existing part to allow; reverse engineering of metal thicknesses to match the structural integrity Inlet and Exhaust ports may be 3D scanned to ensure equal emissions and power performance Want to know…
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