5-Axis Machining - New for 2018!

Absolute Patterns 5-Axis machining, Derby, UK

5-Axis machining at Absolute Patterns

We have now extended our range of services to cover precision CNC machining.  Whilst we specialise in post-cast machining, we know a thing or two about machining other things too!

We have extensive conventional and CNC machining experience covering a wide range of industries such as aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical, power generation, automotive and motorsport.

Our brand new 5-axis machining centre gives us the scope to cut a part from many directions all in one set-up, not only saving time and money but improving the accuracy and repeatability of parts that would otherwise have to be placed in multiple fixtures.

The precision machine-shop works along side the pattern making part of the business giving us a raft of tools and experience to make use of;

  • Expert work-holding, gauging and fixture design
  • 3d CAD/CAM


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